1106 Payne

First Floor
Square Footage 'A'
First Floor         - 1067 s.f.
Second Floor     - 667 s.f.
Total                - 1734 s.f.

Square Footage 'B'
First Floor         - 876 s.f.
Second Floor     - 486 s.f.
Total                - 1362 s.f.

About as modern as I get, the clients wanted the duplex to look like two seperate units.

Originally, we wanted to do a secondary apartment rather than the duplex, however, the lot was deed restricted against smaller units.

"I am writing this letter because I feel the experience that we had with Elliot Johnson should be shared with others."

"After interviewing Elliot along with three other architects when we were getting started with this project to build two residents on a single lot in north central Austin, we felt that Elliot had the best understanding of the tricky and confusing Austin ordinances."

"After deciding on Elliot to be our architect we met with him to explain exactly what we thought we wanted to do on this property. He listened to us carefully and asked good questions and then went with us to the lot to help evaluate it for any obstacles. After doing all of this Elliot showed us options that actually made more since and better use of the property for the end users."

"Once we agreed on witch way to go Eliot had come up with sketches within a couple of days. We gave him our input and in the next week he came back with preliminary floor plan and front elevations. When we reviewed these we were extremely impressed with the room layout and flow, and the elevation looked great. We got back with a couple of minor changes and requests, and in a couple more weeks Elliot gave us a complete set of plans to review."

"To sum things up, within five weeks of meeting Elliot we had a working set of drawings and a design that took full advantage of the lot and looked great. I have built a lot of houses but I have never worked with anyone more professional and gifted than Elliot Johnson."

"I would highly recommend Elliot to all professional builders and home owners alike. I know that I will be working with Elliot with future projects and look forward to a long relationship."

Jeff Egger President Casa Rio Builders