4810 Pecan Chase
   Spanish Oaks

First Floor
First Floor Plan copyright Elliot Johnson, AIA
Square Footage
First Floor         - 2330 s.f.
Second Floor     - 1207 s.f.
Total                - 3537 s.f.

According the to the listing agent, Stan Barron...

"If you needed a home to show architecture students how to orchestrate shapes and textures into an overall design, this would be it. It is like an art class in which the "painting" is done with organic materials. For example, take a look at just the exterior photos. The left side of the house is tall and linear. It dissolves into a rotunda-shaped tower that is topped with a twelve-sided tile roof accented with scroll-sawn cornice brackets. There are multiple changes in the roofline--intersecting gables and a quaint little shed roof to the left of the front door to denote the separate entrance to the guest bedroom/office. The garage doors are made from heavy cedar, and note that two carry arched doors while the third switches to a stone facade with inline brick header. This home oozes curb appeal. It also sets the tone for a personality of rustic elegance on the inside."

"Step through the transom-capped double doors, and you step on some of the most beautiful wood floors you have ever seen. These are not made from oak like you are used to seeing. Not many builders have the skill to tame Mesquite, but it is done here to perfection. Mesquite is very hard wood--indigenous to the area--more expensive than oak, and it has color and a grain pattern that is stunning. These colorful wood floors start at the foyer, spill out seamlessly across the dining room, into the family room, breakfast room, kitchen, and all the way back over to the artistically-shaped staircase that winds upstairs. The flowing design is a visual spectacle from the moment you step inside. Rooms are divided by thick columns and arches. Many of the spaces are defined by changes in ceiling shapes and varying heights."

"Elliot does great work. He is creative and designs a beautiful home.

He is easy to work with and provides quality architecture drawings in a very timely manner."

Robert Hardy - Hardy Homes