Moreno Residence
  Westlake Drive

Elevation copyright Elliot Johnson, AIA

First Floor

First Floor Plan copyright Elliot Johnson, AIA
Square Footage
First Floor         - 3174 s.f.
Second Floor     - 730 s.f.
Game Room      - 863 s.f.
Upstairs            - 740 s.f.
Study               - 402 s.f.
Total                - 5909 s.f.

These clients came to me with a difficult challenge. They wanted the design of house to allow for construction to occur in phases. Building a home in phases poses numerous issues including; electrical, plumbing, and especially exterior elevation issues. The home had to look stylish in phase one, but allow for an easy construction for the addition(s).

The builder and homeowers both complimented us on our plan for the addition. Basically the second garage with the bedrooms above, the game room and study are phased for later construction.