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Stained Glass Door

First Floor
First Floor Plan copyright Elliot Johnson, AIA
Square Footage
First Floor         - 2809 s.f.
Total                - 2809 s.f.

We helped the client sort through and visit over fifty lots in the area, and finally decided on an interesting lot in Lakeway.

Interesting means, "not flat" and with some decent trees. In addition, because it is at the top of a hill, the views from the back of the house and pool will be of a nice treed canyon, rather than a fence line.

They had developed an interest in southwestern art, native american art, and mountain living from a lifetime of fly fishing in Colorado and New Mexico. The design of their new home combines these elements with into contemporary Austin home.

The house will be rated five-star by the City of Austin Green Building Program, some features including; goethermal a/c, spray-foam insulation, metal roof, slab-edge insulation, geothermal pool heater, etc.

My wife, Lisa Chronister, has completed another amazing stained glass piece, a Hopi Corn Maiden.

"As a building professional I have worked with Elliot Johnson, AIA-Images Of...on numerous projects throughout the years including custom, spec and personal home designs. Elliot brings passion and an incredible ability to transform his clients vision into a great home while staying true to their budget.

An early and longtime advocate of Green Building, both personally and professionally, Elliot remains at the forefront of sustainable design and building practices.

I wholeheartedly recommend Elliot Johnson, AIA-Images of..."

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Stained Glass Door Stained Glass Door