Brady/Waller Residence

Brady/Waller Residence - Exterior

Square Footage
Main House      - 3798 s.f.
Total               - 3798 s.f.

Dawn and Tracy worked with me to design this home over 10 years ago.

They recently returned to design a smaller one-story in Barton Creek Lakside. They wanted to create a new home but retain some of the great features we had developed during the first go around.

One major change was the front facing pool. They have a great view from the front of the lot, and wanted to take advantage of that, while maintaining some privacy.

"At our first meeting with Elliot, My husband and I described what we were looking for in our floor plan and the uses of the various spaces. Elliot then made a basic sketch, on the spot, showed it to us and said , "like this?" What he sketched was exactly what we were thinking, and so began the design of our new home."

"Elliot did an excellent job of listening to the elements that we wanted in the house along with the budget we set for the build. Several times he gently steered us towards more cost effective solutions which enabled us to keep the house in budget. At one point we considered editing out an exterior patio. Elliot insisted that we could not do that on a house like ours. We took his advice. It would have been a huge mistake to take out the patio. We have been in our new home for a year and a half and we love it! Thank you to Elliot for listening a designing our fabulous home!"

Dawn Brady

First Floor
First Floor Plan copyright Elliot Johnson, AIA