Spracher/Martin ADU
Warren Spain

Elevation copyright Elliot Johnson, AIA
First Floor
First Floor Plan copyright Elliot Johnson, AIA
Square Footage
First Floor         - 776 s.f.
Second Floor     - 321 s.f.
Total                - 1097 s.f.
Accessory          - 621 s.f.

Mary Ann Spracher and Christi Martin came to me with a really interesting project.

They wanted to add an ADU to their property, but they had some constraints, mainly part of the lot is in the new COA Atlas 14 Flooplain maps, which means that the available area for the ADU is very limited. Ultimately I think we collaborated on one of the best and most efficient ADU designs so far in my carreer.

Also, in looking at their existing garage, we decided it made sense to add an office to the second floor at the same time as doing the ADU.

We worked with Elliot to design an ADU and during our initial conversations Elliot noticed a low point in our detached garage.

We continued working back and forth in our ADU and Elliot suggested we consider an additional apartment over our garage and we hadn’t considered it before but came to agree that it was a perfect idea. We found that working with Elliot was efficient and straightforward.

He knows the city of Austin building code better than just about anyone and fortunately we were able to leverage that knowledge and his expertise as we finalized a design.

He is consistent and rational and easy to work with.

Mary Ann Spracher
Second Floor
Second Floor Plan copyright Elliot Johnson, AIA