ATB Model Home
Craftsman style home for Phil Bryant, Austin Touchstone Buiders.
Interior/exterior model with extensive landscaping.
Animation Process

     In order to better help clients visualize projects, we offer several options;             

1. Exterior Massing Model.
2. Interior/Exterior 3D model with finishes.
3. Interior/Exterior 3D model with finishes, furniture, site and landscaping.
4. Virtual Walkthrough.
Animation Process
1. An exterior 3D model of the project, including the exterior of the project, suggested materials, a preliminary site placement and virtual landscaping.

2. An interior 3D model of the project, including the major rooms of the project, and any secondary rooms identified by the client.

3. A 3D virtual project accessible online. Accessible through a link provided by a third party company.

Each option has some unique characteristics, yet all of them have the same basic foundation.

The level of detail and the quality of the final renderings and animation vary from project to project.

Landscaping and material selection are virtual and not meant to be and actual one-to-one representation of the constructed project.

The more complete the Architect’s Construction Drawings the better the 3D model will appear.

  • At a minimum in order to do an exterior visualization, the floor plan, site plan, and all exterior elevations must be completed.
  • In order to do an interior visualization the project must be 100% complete.
  • Exceptions to both the above can result in additional expense.

    The 3D models are not backward compatible with the Architect’s Construction Documents, i.e. changes in the 3D model are not reflected in the Architect’s Drawings and changes in the Architect’s Drawings are not reflected in 3D Model

    Changes to the Architect’s Construction drawings suggested by the visualization may incur a fee.

    Changes in the 3D model to the materials and colors or mass and geometry may incur a fee.
In order to provide the highest quality model, the client should assist with providing the following material selections.

(Can be provided project wide or room specific)

  • Wall Color and Texture?
  • Wood or stone walls?
  • Ceiling Color and Texture, beams, wood ceilings?
  • (Pick a different ceiling color to differentiate in 3D)

  • Flooring – Wood – Tile – Color and picture?
  • Cabinet – Color and Style? Picture?
  • Countertops? Backsplashes?
  • Appliances? Stainless Steel or other?
  • Fireplace Mantel, Surround, Hearth?
  • Tub/Shower materials? Sinks? Faucets? Tub/Shower Enclosure Tile?
  • Deck Material? Railings?
  • Interior Doors – Door trim

  • Furniture for the most part will be modeled as stock unless noted by the client.
  • Pictures or descriptions/styles of furniture is helpful.

Exterior Material Colors
(Select color and provide a picture if possible)

  • Walls - Stone / Stucco / Siding
  • Roofing Material and Color
  • Window/Door Frames?
  • Window/Door Trim Color?
  • Fascia and Drip?
  • Soffit?

  • The site will be rendered in 3D along with any trees and site improvements provided on the site plan.
  • 3D Terrain can be site specific if a high resolution Panoramic picture is provided, however, sometimes fantasy is better than reality for expressing a project.

Landscaping will be ‘Texas Native’ as much as possible.