Hanson Residence
Member City of Austin
Green Building Program
Our Philosophy

Green building attempts to construct homes that are energy efficient, healthy, neighborhood conscious, and environmentally friendly. Sustainability makes environmental sense.

However, personal circumstances, desires and goals provide the foundation for each project, and budget is a primary consideration. Green building does not necessitate greater cost. Although upfront costs are sometimes greater for green features, cost savings accumulate quickly.

Images Of... has extensive knowledge and experience in providing 'green' recommendations that work. We know what techniques have proven track records demonstrating environmental savings, while being cost effective and long lasting. And we know the difference between materials and techniques that sound environmentally sensitive, but are ineffective, and those that truly provide a sustainable solution.

Principal, Elliot H. Johnson attends relevant seminars and workshops regularly to keep abreast of new and improved green building techniques and practices. Sustainable and green building principles and practices truly inspire our work. We actively encourage use of innovative building methods and materials particularly Rammed Earth and Integrated Concrete Forms (ICF's), as well as Rainwater Harveting. Educating our clients on the options available enables us to incorporate the green features which best meet the client's goals, vision and budget.