We encourage every client we work with to utilize green features in their homes.

Each project has a unique budget, therefore, not every green feature is right for every client.

Ultimately its your decision as the client as to which features we design into your project.

9902 Lenape Cove C.O.A. Rating:
9902 Lenape Cove This project designed to be Net-Zero will include 10k rainwater, 7.5k PV, Geothermal, Spray foam, metal roof, and numerous other energy efficient features.

Congdon Residence Proposed
C.O.A. Rating:
Congdon Residence Beautiful electic design in Wimberly for clients building with Native. Features include Solar PV, Rainwater, Geothermal and plenty of other sustainable features.

Valley View Duplexes C.O.A. Rating:
Valley View Duplexes Aaron Levy, Townbridge Homes, stepped up to get a four-star rating for this great community of four duplexes.

Levy Residence C.O.A. Rating:
Levy Residence Aaron Levy, Townbridge Homes, went all out for this great modern texas craftsman home.

Johnson Residence C.O.A. Rating:
Johnson Residence A great modern vision of a Taos/moutain style home, with some great details, including vegas and latillas, and a kiva fireplace. Green features include Geothermal HVAC, Slab Edge Insulation, High-density Foam.

Green Residence

Green Residence A luxurious earth-friendly straw -bale home near Dripping Springs,  was recently featured in the Austin American Statesman's Homes Section.

Hanson Residence C.O.A. Rating:
Hanson Residence Even a large home, 5,854 s.f. can be an ultra-efficient sustainable home. This home incorporates a 14kw Solar Photovoltaic system, 25k gallon rainwater catchment, and spray-foam insulation.

Maher Residence C.O.A. Rating:
Maher Residence The client for this 2,169 s.f. custom home in Deep Eddy, insisted on preserving as many of the mature trees present on this undeveloped lot.

Seiler Residence C.O.A. Rating:
Seiler Residence This southwestern style home, is an extremely economical, yet beautiful five-star home. And, it was constructed with traditional framing.

7619 Lenape Trail C.O.A. Rating:
7619 Lenape Trail Another home being built by Native. They constently push the boundaries of sustainablility with another Net-zero designed home.

Johnson/Chronister Residence C.O.A. Rating:
Johnson/Chronister Residence An Ultra-sustainable English Tudor Manor, sited around mature groupings of majestic spanish oaks, and terracing down the extremely sloping hillside.

Demers Residence C.O.A. Rating:
Demers Residence At the time this southwestern inspired home was constructed, a four-star rating was the highest available from the city of Austin.

Cope ResidenceC.O.A. Rating:
Cope ResidenceThe second "Cast Earth" home constructed in Austin.  The home's design was elegant, and we created a beautiful sedimentary look to the walls.